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我們的願景是運用人工智能、大數據和物聯網等科技來幫助物業管理行業打造現代化優質城市生活。透過獨創的 ChatProperty 物業管理解決方案,大大減省管理時間、人力及開支,從而提升物管公司競爭力及大廈管理處的行政效率,為業戶提供優質體驗。
ChatProperty Housing 智慧屋苑解決方案


ChatProperty Manager 物業維護解決方案

適合物管後勤管理使用, 如清潔管理, 維修管理


我們成立於 2021 年,是一間為物業管理行業和公司開發智慧城市概念的年輕初創公司。我們參加了不同的活動,並受到香港不同機構和客戶的信任,包括香港城市大學、香港科學園和CIC等。我們主要為香港各方提供物業管理解決方案。



ChatProperty 智慧物管

AI Chatbot Development, App Development & UI / UX Design

Specially designed for property management companies and owners' corporations, greatly reducing management time, manpower and expenses, Thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the property management company and the administrative efficiency of the building management office, providing your customers with a quality experience.

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ChatCon - Construction Safety AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot Development

ChatCon is a chatbot solution for helping construction industry in workflow automation and safety training by omnichannel messaging platforms. We have been selected by CIC & HKSTP in ConTech Accelerator.

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Construction Safety AI Chatbot - ChatCon
AI Hotel Recommendation Platform - HotelnBear

HotelnBear 酒店熊

AI Chatbot Development, App Development & UI / UX Design

HotelnBear is a hotel recommendation mobile app that integrates most of the hotel information in Hong Kong. You can easily find the hotel that suits you with just one app. Whether you are staying in a hotel, having fun, working or celebrating, we can use artificial intelligence technology to recommend your favorite hotel to you.

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Lineless Tech 透過獨創的 ChatProperty 物業管理解決方案,大大減省管理時間、人力及開支,從而提升物管公司競爭力及大廈管理處的行政效率,為業戶提供優質體驗


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